Looking to buy or sell a business?
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Buy or Sell a Business

Buy or Sell a Business.

Qgr Gold Coast Accountants can provide advice on whether to buy or sell a business.

The decision to buy or sell a new or existing business can be a stressful and time-consuming process so receiving the right information and best advice suitable to your needs is paramount. This is where Qgr Accountants can assist.

What is Due diligence when buying a business?

Due diligence is a process which aims to reduce the risk that the figures you have been presented with are inaccurate. Generally the purchase price is based on the adjusted net profit. We also look for any anomalies that may appear when we undertake the process.

Part of the initial process is to make sure that the structure you are buying the business in is appropriate. 

We will communicate directly with the vendor, solicitors, business agent, bookkeepers and accountants to make sure we get the best information. We will keep you informed for the whole process.

Sale of a business process

We can also assist you to prepare your business for presentation to a potential buyer. The more prepared and aware you are of the selling process, the higher the chance the sale will be successful and within the correct time frame.